Bread and coconut pudding in a plate Bread and coconut pudding in a plate

Bread and coconut pudding


1 litre of soya milk
500 g whole wheat bread
6 tablespoons coconut sugar Midzu
1 tablespoon lucuma soup powder Midzu
5 tablespoons grated coconut
1 tablespoon Inca berries Midzu
3 tablespoons raisins


Cut the bread into small pieces and add to soy milk. Grind in a blender or with the magic wand to crumble the bread.

In a bowl mix together the bread crumbles with coconut sugar, lucuma, grated coconut, chopped Inca berries and raisins.

Grease a from with some olive oil pour in the mixture. Cook in a oven, at medium temperature, for about 1 hour, in water bath (into larger container with water). Unmold while still warm and dress with caramel - which can be prepared with coconut sugar and water.

It's a great recipe for using bread leftovers.

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