Toast with kefir cheese Toast with kefir cheese

Kefir cheese


1 litre soya milk
1 bag of kefir culture or kefir grains
a dash of extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of sea salt
a pinch of oregano
a pinch of brewer's yeast


In a glass jar mix the soya milk with the kefir culture or grains. Leave half covered at room temperature for about a day while the mixture ferments. Season to taste. Line a tofu kit or other perforated box with a cheese cloth and pour in the kefir. Lightly press and drain. Place the box inside a bowl to save the whey. Let it drain for about 12 hours. If the weather is hot, refrigerate it. Remove the cheese cloth and put the cheese in a plate or bowl.

Suggestions: you can use this cheese as a bread or toast spread or in several recipes such as salads.

Keep in the refrigerator up to 8 days.

Add the whey to smoothies or bread dough.

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