Kamut and Pumpkin Soup Kamut and Pumpkin Soup

Kamut and Pumpkin Soup

3 tablespoons kamut grain
1 carrot
120g pumpkin
1 clove garlic
a pinch of salt
a dash of organic Midzu olive oil

Recipe for Midzu Soymilk Maker.

Dice the carrot and the pumpkin and put them into the jar.
Add the garlic and the previously soaked kamut (6-10 hours soaking). Add filtered water up to a maximum of 1.2 liters. Choose the "Soup" program and start the machine.
When the program is finished, season the soup with salt to taste and a dash of organic olive oil.

Suggestions: When the soup is done, if you prefer a puree consistency choose the "Fruit / Vegetable Juice" program or use a hand blender.

Insert date: 2013-02-23 Last update: 2013-12-12

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