Seitan to marinate Seitan to marinate

Marinade for Roasts


1 ou 2 cloves of minced garlic
black pepper powder to taste
bay leaf powder to taste
red bell pepper powder to taste
a pinch of turmeric Midzu
fresh or dried rosemary leaves to taste
a splash of umeboshi ou apple cider vinegar
a splash of shoyu
a splash of red wine
a splash of Midzu extra virgin olive oil
1 sliced onion


Place sliced tofu, seitan, soy and/or pieces of vegetables in a bowl. Season with all the ingredients except the onion making sure the mixture covers all of them evenly and marinate during the night. Grease a baking pan with olive oil and cover the bottom with the onion. Bake in Air Fryer Midzu or in the oven.

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