Plate with millet and tukmaria soup Plate with millet and tukmaria soup

Millet and tukmaria soup


2 tablesponns millet
80g pumpkin
1 carrot
1 small beet
2 cabbage leaves
1 small leek slice (5cm)
¼ zucchinni
2 tablespoons tukmaria seeds
extra virgin olive oil q.b.
sea salt q.b.

Recipe for Midzu Soymilk Maker


Cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them inside the machine jar. Add the millet. Add filtered water to the maximum level of 1.2 liters. Choose the program "Soup" and start the machine.
When the program finishes, grind the soup using the program "Fruit / Vegetable Juice". When the fruit/vegetable juice is also over, season with salt to taste and add a little olive oil. Add tukmaria seeds, mix well and serve.

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