Glass of peanut milk and some peanuts Glass of peanut milk and some peanuts

Peanut milk


1.3 litres filtered water
60g peanuts

Recipe for Midzu Soymilk Maker


Soak the peanuts (that can be used with the natural red film around them) for about 4 hours. Drain and rinse the peanuts. Place them inside the milk maker jar and fill it with the water. Turn on the machine and press “Choose” on the control panel until the light “Fruit / Vegetable Juice” is lit. Then press “Start”. The machine will start the program for dried fruits and seeds. In less than 2 minutes your drink is ready.
Run your drink through a sieve to separate the pulp.

Suggestion: use the peanut pulp to make burgers or rolls, for example.

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