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Soy Yogurt

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are avoiding dairy consumption, being due to lactose intolerance, health or ethical reasons. As such, soy yogurt becomes an excellent option, especially when prepared at home, in a healthy and economical way.

Preparation of homemade soy yogurt using an automatic yogurt maker:

Tips and suggestions:

  1. Use a soymilk maker to obtain quality milk at a very low cost.

  2. Try adding fresh or dry fruits, or cereals, to the yogurt. If you want to add fresh or dry fruits at the moment of yogurt preparation, these should be previously sterilized through a quick cooking. Let them cool and then follow the normal yogurt preparation method as described above.

  3. If you use a starter to prepare the yogurt, store 2-3 tablespoons of the prepared yogurt to use as a starter the next time (store the first spoons of the yogurt that you take from the cup in a sterilized recipient, to avoid contaminations). By doing this you save money on the starter without losing quality. You can repeat this process up to 8 times, or until the yogurt becomes too liquid. At this point you should use a new starter. If you use natural yogurt to start the yogurt culture you can repeat this process once or twice; however, when the yogurt becomes too liquid it is because the concentration of micro-organisms is too low and the yogurt loses its beneficial properties.

  4. The yogurt stored to start the next culture should be kept in the fridge and used up to three days after that. If you do not prepare a new liter of yogurt the following days, you can freeze these yogurt tablespoons and, when needed for a new culture, defrost and use at room temperature.

  5. In the first use of a sachet of yogurt starter it is common to observe the formation of a significant amount of serum on top. This means that there is a higher concentration of lactobacilli. If you like, you can consume the yogurt as it is, more liquid, or you can use the serum to mix in bread or cake batter, or add it to a milkshake. In the following batches, you will obtain a more solid yogurt, with less serum.

  6. You can add agar weed (1 teaspoon) or cornstarch (1 tablespoon) to obtain a more solid product.

  7. Avoid using milk enriched with calcium or flavors because these may interfere with the production of lactobacillus.

The most advantageous manner to prepare homemade soy yogurt is with an automatic yogurt maker, because it is the only way to maintain a constant temperature of 40 ºC, which allows the lactobacillus to easily reproduce without being destroyed, enjoying all the benefits of the consumption of this probiotic food.

Other vegetable drinks, having a lower protein content, do not allow lactobacillus fermentation.Therefore, soymilk is the most suitable beverage to make vegetable yogurt.

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